Multiple Domain Hosting

It is a service that allows you to host multiple domain names, or websites, under a single Web Hosting account.

Hosting Plans

Multiple Domain hosting

Advantages of Multiple Domain Hosting- Windows / Linux


Pay Less Host More

Unlike general perception, Multiple domain hosting is not expensive. Having multiple domains in one hosting panel may be a cheaper option with most hosting companies. Much will depend upon the domain name extensions and the price of single domain hosting.

Separate Email Address

The email boxes work just like a typical website hosted as a single account. Also, each of these email accounts can be accessed using webmail. e.g., and The exact URLs will vary with windows -Linux servers.

Full Control

You would be more comfortable handling many domains from one place than those spread over different control panels. Separate login details are placed to create email accounts for each website. Like it is cumbersome to manage many accounts.

Easy To Manage

It is the best feature of Multiple Domain Hosting. You can easily manage many domain names from within your Cpanel. It can be helpful for a web designer working for a business and corporate having more than one domain. Also, in a family, you may like to have all disciplines with one Cpanel.

Multiple Sub FTP Accounts

Each of your websites can have its FTP Account. This may, however, at times, depend on the server, i.e. windows - Linux? The server where we are hosting your website. You may like to clarify this if you need separate FTP for each website

Website Stats

Our windows -Linux server has Built-in Website Stats for all websites in multiple domains hosting packages. You can get to know which of these websites is drawing how much traffic daily and accordingly adjust marketing effort