Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server is a term in which you have your own rented physical server that is dedicated entirely to your website.

Server Plans

The Professional Servers are available at an affordable price.

Our Flexible Pricing Plan

A dedicated server gives you an edge over a shared hosting server, as it is purely meant for your website/business, and you can manage resources, according to your needs, without fear of the website going down due to others. The fully managed servers of Unique-Links allow you to managing your business or website freely whereas it concentrate on more essential areas leaving technical details for us to sort out.

While most dedicated server providers would charge heavily for server management, the low cost of servers mentioned at our site is offered worldwide, inclusive of complete control around the clock. We have a system of proactive server management which means that we will not be waiting for you to let us know the server issues, but our team would monitor the server to keep it up all the time and act on their own as needed to keep your server live and fast.

The high speed and top of the line dedicated servers of Unique-Links are placed at world-class data centres in USA, UK, EU and Singapore. You would thus have the quality coupled with the low cost making things cheap and reliable for you.

100% management and monitoring. Free reboots full root access.